यादें (Yaadein)

कुछ करलो ताज़ा अपनी यादें,
चंद तस्वीरों पर डाल लो निगाहें,
यूँ तो जी सकते है फिर से बचपन अपना आसानी से,
देरी है बस निकालने की ज़रा सा वक़्त इस मशरूफ जिंदगी से!

-खुशी गोयल


Kuch karlo taaza apni yaadein,
Chand tasweero par daal lo nigaahein,
Yun toh jee saktei hai phir se bachpan apna aasaani se,
Deri hai bas nikaalne ki zara sa waqt iss mashroof zindagi se!

-Khushi Goyal


5 thoughts on “यादें (Yaadein)”

  1. Adorable…like…totally!

    All the reminiscing about the past makes me miserable…thinking how good it was! 😉
    I’d rather stay ‘mashroof’ with my ‘zindagi.’

    Thanks tho!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The reminiscing about the past can even make you smile and be grateful for the wonderful moments. So why not take a break from our chaotic lives to feel the calm through these precious memories? 😉

      I’ll leave you with this – “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!”


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