यादें (Yaadein)

कुछ करलो ताज़ा अपनी यादें,
चंद तस्वीरों पर डाल लो निगाहें,
यूँ तो जी सकते है फिर से बचपन अपना आसानी से,
देरी है बस निकालने की ज़रा सा वक़्त इस मशरूफ जिंदगी से!

-खुशी गोयल


Kuch karlo taaza apni yaadein,
Chand tasweero par daal lo nigaahein,
Yun toh jee saktei hai phir se bachpan apna aasaani se,
Deri hai bas nikaalne ki zara sa waqt iss mashroof zindagi se!

-Khushi Goyal



A black and white life don’t we live,⁣
While finding a purpose to give it meaning,⁣
Forgetting about what truly adds colour to it,⁣
Oblivious to what truly gives meaning to it.

An undue importance don’t we give? ⁣
To the trivial, insignificant things in life, ⁣
Not apprehending how inconsequential it is, ⁣
Not realising how detrimental to self it is. ⁣

If only we understood, ⁣
That the dull days and the grey skies, ⁣
Teach us more than the flowery times.
If only we understood, ⁣
That joys and sorrows both are needed, ⁣
To make the canvas of life; a masterpiece!⁣

-Khushi Goyal