This particular picture is one of my favourite clicks. I was walking down a bystreet near my college when these trees grabbed my attention. Tall, lush and green ones on the right; whereas short, dry and shrivelled ones on the left side of the same road. I took out my phone, almost instinctively, to capture the splendidness of nature that I was witnessing. But it’s the symbolism behind this splendidness that makes it one of my favourites. So, here’s how I see it.

Needless to say, the two types of trees in this photo were exposed to the same environment and were surrounded by the same aura. And yet they turned out to be so different from one another, rather poles apart. Why? Simply because the same conditions affected each of them differently, depending on its kind and its needs. Isn’t the same applicable to us humans as well?

Similar situations or circumstances affect each one of us differently, depending on our attitude, our beliefs and values, our personality. Likewise, a person who brings out the best in you might have a negative impact on someone else. A hobby fancied by you might be detested by your sibling or friend. This stands true for almost anything and everything; be it books, music, movies, habits, passions, people…

But unlike the trees, we have the freedom to choose our company and our surroundings. We have the power to change our environment according to our needs. So, make the most of this power and choose what makes you grow, choose what makes you blossom. Because what’s good for others may not always be beneficial for you.

-Khushi Goyal


2 thoughts on “Choices”

  1. Searching for, and understanding of, the symbolism in nature indicates that you are on a track to become a philosopher!

    After all, that’s what classical/traditional philosophers do – make sense out of complexities of nature, and present it in a comprehensible format for the lay persons.

    You went one step ahead, and inspired us with your encouraging words – similar to a modern philosopher!

    Thank you for an insightful write-up.

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