Combien de fois prend-on,
Une pause de ce quotidien,
Pour aller dans un jardin,
Et y faire rien ?

À quoi bon faire,
Mille choses à la fois,
Si ça ne te rend pas heureux,
Si ça n’évoque pas de joie ?

Allez, va dans un jardin,
Prends du recul et n’y fais rien,
Regarde comment ça te rend content,
Et combien ça te fait du bien !

-Khushi Goyal


6 thoughts on “Pause”

  1. I like your poem because life is too fast now, we do thing without thinking, it’s important to have a réflexion about things we do (to love it)!!
    This poem has a real signification for me, it reminds us there is humanity in our lives.

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      1. I wish that you had replied in English…why not encourage your friend, not just to write but read also, in English? 😉

        Glad to know that Sterenn too is one of the readers of your blog!

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        1. Actually, we have a pact. She writes/speaks in English and I write/speak in French whenever we chat with/talk to each other, to improve our respective target languages! 😛


  2. Nice. I like the title…it is apt for the poem. And I definitely agree with the thought behind your words.

    Such wisdom…at such young an age! I bet you get it from your Ma 🙃

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